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Tropical Leaves

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The creations that produce clues to provoke a conversation each time you see our creations hanging on your wall. Idea built on a quote by Arthur Conner Doyle "There is nothing more obvious than an obvious fact"! Our creations provide clues to ideas for the purpose of life.

Our Story

Art is my passion that offers me serenity while creating something using my head and hands. It's an impressionist style that shown through pencil drawing, watercolor, and oil painting creations. They are my ideas.

Original paintings and drawings are creations with clues that tell silent stories about mankind's responsibilities for next future generation. These stories provoke conversation each time we see them hanging on your wall. They will offer ideas to the simplicity of life. The paintings and drawings will help you to explore your thoughts in search for peace of mind.


Born and raised on a farm with five other brothers and two sisters near Mark Twain's Home, Hannibal, Missouri, I'm the caboose. Married to a wonderful wife for more than 48 years. We raised three successful married children and five grandchildren. Retired, after 46 years working for a midwest electric utility company in Kansas City, Missouri as a reliability engineer creating reliability plans to improve system reliability.

Self-taught artist, starting with pencil drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings.

Above the Clouds

Owner Bob

Business Owner
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